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AHA! Manhattan: Collectively making Manhappiness the artiest, wildest, most engaging place to be in the Flint Hills.


Our Story

2000- 2011

In March 2000 Tish Rogers, Director of the Manhattan Arts Center, and Lorne Render, Director of the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art,  invited a group of ten cultural organizations from the Manhattan area to meet and discuss forming an organization to promote mutual interests.  By July 2000 twenty organizations had joined the discussion    The Arts and Humanities Association of Manhattan (AHA! Manhattan) was formally founded as the Manhattan Area Arts and Humanities Coalition (MAAHC) in 2002 with the following mission:

The Manhattan Area Arts and Humanities Coalition is a forum to exchange ideas and information amongst its members and to create a greater awareness of the arts and humanities in the community.

The first officers of the organization were:  Lorne Render, Beach Museum of Art, President; Scott Shoemaker, Sunset Zoo, Vice President; Deborah Minner, Urban Designs, Secretary; Barbara Nelson, Strecker Nelson Art Gallery, Treasurer. 

In 2009 the name of the organization was changed to the Arts and Humanities Association of Manhattan(AHA! Manhattan) and the group adopted the mission statement:

Creating community connections through the arts, humanities, and our natural world. 

AHA! Manhattanhas generally met eleven times a year since organizing and communicates through an e-mail list serve.  Membership was open to all arts, humanities, and natural history organizations (museums, zoos, gardens, libraries, galleries, bookstores, music groups, etc.) and the associate groups who support the mission of AHA! Manhattan.  Members were required to be located within a thirty mile radius of Manhattan, Kansas.

Services Offered

Arts and Community Enrichment

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1101 Poyntz Avenue
Manhattan , KS 66502
(785) 587-2410

Organizational Head

Vivienne Uccello
Comm. Engagement Coordin.
(785) 587-2410

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